About us

DBH Technologies was formed in 2016 by a team of scientists and engineers, who have extensive experience in the development of food technology and applications. We create innovative formulations and products for our customers in the food, beverage and food supplements industry.

At the same time, DBH invests in the development and production of its own processing technologies that changes the way people are receiving nutrients.

Our technology

DBH has developed unique Carbon Dioxide Assisted Spray Nebulization Drying Technology (CASND), which is particularly suitable for drying, encapsulation or entrapment of biological and thermolabile materials.

In addition to engineering expertise, we provide an assistance with the design of the technological equipment, including its delivery and commissioning. Knowledge of these processing technologies and their applications enables us to quickly and efficiently implement equipment for a particular industrial production.


We typically deliver these devices to:

Food industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Cosmetic industry

Product development

Through its innovative chemistry and biochemistry experts, DBH offers contractual or collaborative development of new applications.

We work for food and other industrial segments, we specialize in applications using e.g. functional proteins, nutraceuticals, probiotics and novel processing technologies.

Our know-how can be utilized in variety of food products such as flavored water, smoothies and yoghurts, bars, food supplements, beer and more.


DBH is continuously developing through its experts the know-how in the field of material encapsulation.  

Our current research projects are focused on:

  • Stabilization
    and increasing the durability of materials
  • Homogenization
    efficient and rapid homogenization of various liquids, usually immiscible phases
  • Development of alternative technologies
    for the production of nanofibres based on centrifugal spinning or by solution blowing

EU projects

DBH Technologies has realized a project called "Design draft of equipment for separation of micro and nano particles in the drying process using the new CASND processing technology" (Vida Innovation Support Voucher - ISV013).

The VIDA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 777795.